Ensuring big machinery keeps moving

Wildauer Schmiede- und Kurbelwellentechnik GmbH

From die-forged parts to ready-to-install crankshafts, Wildauer Schmiede- und Kurbelwellentechnik GmbH (WSK) products keep big machinery moving - from ships and diggers to generators. Maximum precision and product quality provide customers the operational reliability they need.

Die-forged parts and crankshafts

WSK is one of the European specialists in the machining to ready-to-install crankshafts weighing up to 20 t. With over 50 years' experience and knowledge, precise products are manufactured on powerful machinery at the Wildau location - products which have to withstand sustained extreme levels of strain and give customers security in using them. WSK large die-forged parts are also forged with maximum precision, manufactured by dedicated employees in close collaboration with customers.

Quality without compromise

In railway systems, shipbuilding and aviation and aerospace technology: WSK products must comply with strict requirements. The internal demands on quality testing at WSK are consequently extremely high. Material testing in the in-house laboratory, comprehensive non-destructive testing as well as renowned auditing institutions provide customers with the security of knowing that every product fully complies with the requirements placed on it, with no exceptions allowed.

Optimising the value chain

WSK customers also benefit from the excellent combination of expertise and skills available within the GMH Gruppe alliance. The specialists at Schmiedewerke Gröditz andSMB Wildau are in particular demand. With corporate streamlining and optimally coordinated processes, the interlinking of services within the Group increases efficiency and quality - from production of crude steel and diverse forging and machining options to ready-to-install products. This means WSK can provide customers from numerous sectors such as general mechanical engineering and plant construction, mining, energy, and the gear, large engine and compressor industries with what they need in their competitive environments: the best solution for their project.