Crankshaft machining

Highest accuracy

Most modern machine tools cover an area of more than 6,000 m² for manufacturing large crankshafts under one roof.
Based on 50 years of experience in crankshaft manufacture, continuous investments have equipped the workshop primarily with CNC work centres which meet the special requirements of these products.


Several crankshaft milling machines (GFM) are available for the pre-machining of forged blanks in a variety of different dimensions. Rotating milling machines with two milling spindles specially developed for crankshaft production make highly productive processing possible.


The finish-machining department has several CNC-processing centres available for turning, milling, turn-milling, drilling, deep-hole drilling and grinding. Our rotary milling machines, in particular, make it possible to finish-machine a crankshaft in one clamping device.

Furthermore, on our special CNC grinding machine it is possible to finish-grind all connecting- and pin-bearing pivots as well as shaft ends with flanges and cones.

Crankshafts for 4-stroke engines

  • Crank radius: max. 450 mm
  • Bearing diameter: 100 to 480 mm
  • Swing diameter: max. 1,300 mm
  • Total length: 1,500 to 13,000 mm
  • Finished weight: max. 25,000 kg

Crankshafts for compressors, pumps and eccentric shafts

Using our special machinery and working in collaboration with our affiliated company Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH we are in a position to manufacture pre-finished crankshafts and eccentric shafts in the following base dimensions:

  • Total length: min. 1,500 mm*
  • Swing diameter: max. 1,300 mm*
  • Finished weight: min. 1,500 kg*

*Different dimensions and weights are to be checked separately Production is carried out according to customers’ drawings and specifications.

Refinishing & service

Turning, milling, turn-milling, drilling and multi-lateral machining can be executed with our state-of-the-art rotating milling machines. Cylindrical grinding is also possible in the context of refinishing work.

  • Customer-specific consulting as regards crankshaft design aimed at minimising manufacturing costs
  • Assembly of counter-weights, flanges and other attachment parts
  • After-sales service for reconditioning crankshafts depending on evaluation of wastage or damage
  • Refinishing:
    • Turning
    • Drilling
    • Grinding
    • Non-destructive tests