Forging technology

Know what you're going to get in advance

We use a comprehensive range of software to develop our innovative production solutions. This means that processes and production methods can be optimised in advance through simulations and analyses to deliver perfect results. Your product ideas fire our creativity. With our in-house tool shop, we leave nothing to chance.
We take charge of the key technologies ourselves because we care about the factors that determine the quality of your products.

Die forge

630 kNm – counterblow hammer

Die forge products - max. outside diameter up to 1,150 mm and/or max. length 4,500 mm

400 kNm – counterblow hammer

Die forge products - max. outside diameter up to 750 mm and/or max. length 2,000 mm

Press forging 

We produce crankshaft blanks with a length of 4.50 m or more using the TR forging principle, the throw-by-throw method and a hydraulic press. This forming process involves partially heating the raw material to temperatures of up to 1300°C. Then, axial and radial pressing forces are applied to create the desired crank throw shape.

The TR principle can also be used to produce lots of other different component geometries (such as fittings, flanges, valve tappets and so on) in line with the fibre orientation.

Thanks to our solid technological know-how and tool design expertise, we offer cost-effective and high-quality product solutions.

Mechanical processing 

Depending on the machining depth required, we machine our high-quality forging blanks in accordance with our customers' wishes. Together with our group partners, we can combine methods in all kinds of different ways as the ideal supplement to our customers' value creation chains.

When it comes to cooperating with our external partners, we stand for integrated supplier management. By continually monitoring the production and machining processes, we are able to control the key quality factors directly.