More than 120 years' experience

WSK: our history

Many decades of experience and expertise are combined in Wildauer Schmiede- und Kurbelwellentechnik GmbH (WDK). In the eventful history of the company, there has always been one constant element: our forward-looking approach.

1897 – Foundation of the company as Schwartzkopff Lokomotivbau AG

1900 – Production commences in Wildau as "Berliner Maschinenbau AG".

1914 – Establishment of a forge.

1949 – Merger to form "Ernst Thälmann" heavy engineering production combine.

1954 – Commencement of crankshaft manufacturing under the name "Schwermaschinenbau Heinrich Rau"

1974 – Even more solid pieces can be forged thanks to a new die forge with a  630kNm counterblow hammer.

1990 – The company is renamed again and known for the following years as Schwermaschinenbau AG Wildau bei Berlin (SMB AG).

1994 – With the establishment of Wildauer Kurbelwelle GmbH the company's eventful history takes another new turn.

1997 – Wildauer Kurbelwelle GmbH becomes part of GMH Gruppe.        

2004 – The company splits into two: from now on Gröditzer Kurbelwelle Wildau GmbH (GKW) takes over machining of crankshafts, and the die forge is operated by Wildauer Schmiedewerke GmbH (WSW).

2017 GKW and WSW are merged again to form Wildauer Schmiede- und Kurbelwellentechnik GmbH (WSK).     

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