Visionary and versatile

Responsible trading practices at WSK

Individually tailored products made of steel require flexible processes and the use of a variety of resources. Consequently, we have very high standards when it comes to suitable measures for protecting the climate and environment. Above all, however, we implement comprehensive measures to ensure the work safety and health protection of our employees.


We meet our customers’ quality requirements through customer-oriented production and service performance and superior quality as well as delivering our products on schedule—therefore, our suppliers are also included in our quality policy. In addition, we are able to meet every challenge we are presented with thanks to our highly-trained, creative and dedicated employees. We pride ourselves on constantly encouraging our personnel to hone their skills and on providing them with the best possible working conditions. With the aid of our continual improvement process we are able to constantly further develop both our product and process quality, while remaining conscious of costs. For us, quality is reflected in every product and every process. Our employees contribute to this quality every day. Our managerial staff support the business processes, acting as role models.


By continuously optimising our processes and purchasing energy-efficient products and services, we are able to improve our energy efficiency and increase our energy-related performance. Our energy team thereby checks the company’s energy matters at regular intervals, evaluates the results and proposes measures. In addition, the use of alternative and renewable energies is reviewed and considered. During the course of this we systematically keep an eye on our energy goals from the energy planning and work on achieving these goals, while our energy-related key figures are used as a control instrument in order to effectively detect deviations. Our energy management implementation plan forms the basis of meeting our energy goals. Targeted training is also provided to raise our employees’ awareness of energy matters.


To guarantee sustainable development and to safeguard our future, environmental protection is an essential part of our management system. We undertake to check our production and our products to ensure that they are environmentally compatible and that they protect resources. It is our goal to avoid or at least reduce environmental pollution as much as possible, and to conserve resources. We regularly review and analyse our environmental performance in order to continuously detect and exploit potential improvements and therefore also continually improve our environmental performance. Our employees are purposefully included in the responsible use of raw materials and systems. In particular, this includes avoiding or reducing environmental impacts within an economically acceptable framework, if at all possible at their source.

Occupational safety/health protection

Occupational safety and health protection are of paramount importance in our company. Occupational safety has to be put into practice—everywhere and at all times. We are continually investing in health and safety measures, checks, providing our employees with training in their specific fields and much more besides. Health management complements the work of occupational safety. The employees are the most important part of our company and it is therefore our aim to promote and protect our employees’ health. This is reflected in health days, back care education, workplace inspections and similar. We undertake to identify and minimise health and safety hazards, to eliminate risk causes and to safeguard against these by means of well thought-out measures. This is a continuous process which is being implemented on a daily basis, and is the responsibility of the occupational safety officer, who is supported by the management and all of the managerial staff.