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Products & Services

Wildauer Schmiede- und Kurbelwellentechnik GmbH (WSK) forges and machines large drop forged parts of up to 3.5 tonnes and produces ready-to-install crankshaft technology of up to 20 tonnes. Supplied strictly according to requirements and following comprehensive quality testing, the products are used in diverse industries, such as large engine construction, mechanical engineering and plant construction, in the energy sector, the food industry, and in numerous markets in all aspects of mobility.

Forging Technology

We use extensive simulation methods to fulfil customer wishes and product requirements as efficiently as possible. Supplemented by our own toolmaking, this means we can ensure in advance that at the end of all production processes the best solution is always achieved – forged precisely and delivered on schedule.

Drop forged parts

Short paths and optimally coordinated processes, complemented by SMB Schwermechanik GmbH, Wildau, a machining specialist within the GMH Group, our drop forged products offer customers additional advantages:

  • Max. outer diameter 1,150 mm and/or max. length 4,500 mm
  • Crankshafts from one to four meters long
  • Max. component weight 3.5 t

Press forgings

With technological and tool design expertise, we produce using the TR method:

  • Crankshaft blanks from approx. 2,500 to 6,000 mm by means of hydraulic press in the TR method
  • Components such as valves, flanges, valve tappets and similar, moulded in line with the grain flow

Machined forged blanks

In addition to our forged blanks we also offer machining. Customer requirements determine the machining depth. Subsequently we combine the extensive expertise within the GMH Gruppe to enable us to supplement our customers' value chains in an optimum way.

Crankshaft engineering

At WSK we produce large crankshafts, e.g. for ship building, for large stationary engines and for compressors, with more than 50 years’ experience of machining high-performance and precise machines that are ready to install.

Working closely with Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH, another company in the GMH Group, we offer the entire continuous value-adding process via the GMH group, from steel smelting to steel composition and the forging process through to ready-to-install crankshafts and eccentric shafts.

Crankshafts for 4-stroke engines, compressors, pumps, eccentric shafts

Our range of services covers the following dimensions:

  • Crank radius max. 450 mm
  • Bearing diameter 100 to 480 mm
  • Swing max. 1,300 mm
  • Total length 1,500 to 13,000 mm
  • Weight 20 t, blank weight max. 55 t

Other services

WSK offers turning, milling, turn milling, drilling and multi-side machining on efficient turning/milling machines as well as cylindrical grinding and non-destructive testing as subcontract manufacturing.

In addition:

  • Close support from the design of a crankshaft through to optimisation of production processes
  • Assembly and dismantling of counterweights, flanges, couplings and other attachments
  • After-sales service for the regeneration of crankshafts according to damage and wear assessment